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SketchUp for Garden Design and Landscape Training Courses

Sketchup Garden Design Courses


Why Choose Sketchup Garden Design Courses?
Utilize SketchUp for Crafting and Showcasing Your Landscape Designs. Leveraging LayOut for SketchUp offers a user-friendly approach ideal for landscape and garden design, boasting simplicity compared to other CAD software.


Duration: 10 hours (Flexible scheduling, split over multiple days as needed.)
Availability: Choose any day and time, Mon to Sat, from 9 am. to 7 pm.
Method: 1 to 1 Personalized, project-based training designed exclusively for you.

Our SketchUp training courses for Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors are conducted one-on-one (In-person), ensuring personalized attention from our tutor. This approach is the most effective for learning, as demonstrated in the picture examples available on our Instagram page.

We offer flexibility with 10-hour training sessions, split over multiple days to suit your schedule. Choose any day and time, Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

SketchUp is essential for garden designers and landscape contractors, facilitating clear communication of designs to clients. Our training program, suitable for beginners or those needing a refresher, covers the entire design process, from concept drawing to professional presentation documentation.

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