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Join our After Effects training courses, available on weekdays and weekends. Sign up now!

After Effects Courses

Master the motion graphics and visual effects software that sets the industry standard, empowering you to animate any concept with ease. Whether starting from scratch or utilizing built-in presets, unleash your creativity to bring your ideas to life with dynamic motion and captivating effects.

After Effects Training Courses

after effects courses

What's Included:

  • Courses suitable for both Mac and Windows computers.

  • Adobe Certified Instructors.

  • 1-to-1 Training.

  • Lifetime email support.

  • Reference materials.

  • Course certificate.

Why learn
After Effects

Proficiency in Adobe After Effects is essential for numerous careers spanning design, graphic design, web design, filmmaking, visual effects, and media. As the industry standard, it enables mastery in motion graphics and visual effects.

Our Adobe After Effects courses delve into digital imaging principles, equipping you with the skills to craft stunning moving images from the ground up or refine existing ones. With newfound expertise, you'll confidently apply your skills, expanding your creative boundaries.

Our tutors are Adobe Certified Professional Training Providers.

Why Choose Real Animation Works For After Effects Courses?

1-to-1 Sessions, Scheduled to Suit You:
Choose your ideal time and day for one-on-one After Effects sessions, available Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm. Our flexible scheduling allows you to fit training into your busy lifestyle. We'll tailor your sessions based on your availability.
What Will You Learn?
In our personalized After Effects training, you'll master everything from basic to advanced techniques. With individualized attention, we'll focus on the topics most important to you, including motion graphics, visual effects, compositing, and more.
Free After Effects Resources and Templates:
Access a comprehensive library of free After Effects resources, including templates and models, to enhance your design process and ensure precision. Enjoy the benefit of these tools to streamline your projects.
After-Course Support:
Receive lifetime email support for continuous guidance and clarification, even after completing your course. Additionally, you'll earn a Real Animation Works Certificate of Completion, recognized by design and creative industries, validating your skills for career advancement.
Career Assistance:
Benefit from our free career support, including portfolio reviews and mock interviews, to prepare for job opportunities in the industry. We'll help ensure you're fully prepared for your career before you start applying.
Discounts and Financial Assistance:
We offer flexible payment plans and are registered with various funding agencies, including the DWP, providing opportunities for free funding. Contact us for more details.

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