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image created by our student after Photoshop and Sketchup Training Course

Photoshop and Sketchup Training Course



Learn Photoshop and Sketchup Training Course: Learn image editing, retouching, layer management, color correction, and 3D modeling. Dive into the realms of graphic design, photo manipulation, and digital artistry. Progress from novice to expert, mastering UX skills.
Duration: 16 hours
Method: Personalized 1-on-1 sessions and individualized attention.
Schedule: Tailor your learning experience with pre-booked sessions available Mon to Sat, from 9 am to 7 pm.

Course Key Details:

  • Title: Photoshop and SketchUp Training Course
  • Content Focus:
    • Adobe Photoshop Essentials: Image editing, retouching, layers, color correction, and digital art.
    • SketchUp Mastery: 3D modeling and design.
    • Graphic Design and Photo Manipulation Techniques.
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Method: Personalized 1-on-1 sessions for a tailored learning experience.
  • Schedule: Flexible pre-booked sessions available Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

Benefits of 1-on-1 Courses with Real Animation Works:

  • Individual Attention: Receive personalized guidance and feedback, ensuring a deep understanding of concepts and techniques.

  • Customized Learning Path: Tailor the course content to your specific needs, focusing on areas that matter most to your creative goals.

  • Real-World Application: Gain insights and practical knowledge directly applicable to real animation projects, enhancing your skill set for professional work.

  • Efficient Progression: Learn at your own pace, with the flexibility to delve deeper into challenging topics or fast-track through familiar ones.

  • Interactive Feedback: Immediate and targeted feedback on your work, promoting continuous improvement and refinement of your design and animation skills.

  • Project-Based Learning: Engage in hands-on projects, incorporating real animation works to build a robust portfolio showcasing your capabilities.

  • Flexible Schedule: Arrange sessions at times convenient for you, maximizing the effectiveness of your learning experience without compromising your daily routine.

  • Enhanced Problem Solving: Address challenges and roadblocks in real-time, developing problem-solving skills crucial for a successful career in animation and design.

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