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This comprehensive jewellery CAD training course is intended for those who currently work professionally, or who wish to work professionally, in fine jewellery.

Rhino 3D Training Course for Jewellery Design


Why Choose Rhino 3D Training Course for Jewellery Design?
In just 10 hrs, you will grasp the interface and learn how Rhino utilizes points, lines, surfaces, and solids to craft printable 3D objects. Additionally, you'll discover how to create repetitive and intricate geometric shapes for crafting minimalist and elegant jewelry.


    Scheduling: 1-on-1 training sessions according to your convenience. Choose any hour between 9 am and 7 pm Mon to Sat.

    Duration: 10 hours.

    Methods: In-person, or live online.

    Why Opt for Our Rhino 3D Training Course in Jewellery Design?

    Rhino, also recognized as Rhinoceros, serves as a powerful 3D computer graphics and computer-aided design software extensively employed in various industries, including architecture, industrial design, and multimedia. Real Animation Works presents Rhino courses meticulously designed to empower you in mastering this software. Led by experienced instructors, our courses ensure a comprehensive understanding of Rhino, equipping you to craft exceptional designs, particularly tailored for jewellery creation.

    Rhino 3D Training for Jewellery Design:

    Our Rhino 3D training specifically caters to both beginners and those aspiring to acquire advanced techniques, emphasizing its application in jewellery design.

    Course Highlights:

    • Precise 3D Modeling: Master the art of crafting free-form 3D NURBS models with utmost precision.
    • Advanced Functionality: Explore Rhino's advanced surfacing commands and features tailored for jewellery design.
    • User Interface Mastery: Navigate Rhino's interface seamlessly and refine your skills in curves, surfaces, and solids.
    • Expert Guidance: Acquire expertise in Rhino's modelling environment under the guidance of seasoned professionals.
    • Modeling Techniques: Learn both free-form and precision modelling techniques crucial for jewellery design.
    • Modeling Aids: Utilize specialized tools for accurate modelling, and create basic Rhino renderings tailored for jewellery applications.
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