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On this course you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop image manipulation. You will be working in MAC's dedicated media studio, on Apple Mac computers with hands on training.

Beginners Class For Photoshop on the Mac


Why Choose Beginners Class For Photoshop on the Mac

Master the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop CC, covering retouching, layers, color correction, shapes, and symbols. Explore graphic design, photo editing, and digital art. Progress from beginner to pro, acquiring UX strategies for impactful, user-friendly websites.

Duration: 10 hours

Method: Personalized 1-on-1 sessions for tailored guidance.

Schedule: Book your preferred hour, Mon to Sat, between 9 am and 7 pm, customizing your learning experience.

Course Highlights for Photoshop on Mac:

  • Advanced Photoshop Mastery: Learn professional image editing, retouching, and manipulation techniques.
  • Hands-On Creative Projects: Enhance skills through practical, real-world projects.
  • Special Effects Expertise: Create stunning visual effects with layer effects, filters, and blending modes.
  • Typography and Design: Explore typography, layout design, and color theory for compelling compositions.
  • Professional Portfolio Support: Receive guidance on building a portfolio showcasing your Photoshop expertise.

Potential Job Roles:

  • Graphic Designer: Craft visuals for print and digital media.
  • Digital Artist: Create digital artwork for various applications.
  • Photo Retoucher: Enhance and manipulate photos professionally.
  • UI/UX Designer: Design user interfaces and experiences.
  • Web Designer: Develop visually engaging websites with Photoshop expertise.
  • Marketing Content Creator: Generate banners, brochures, and social media visuals.
  • Freelance Designer: Provide design services independently.
  • Advertising Creative: Design impactful ad visuals for creative campaigns.
  • Print Production Specialist: Prepare print-ready materials for quality products.
  • Photography Post-Processing Specialist: Optimize photographs for professional use.
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