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Success Stories

Our students have joined and working efficiently in some of the finest companies in the industry.

1. Mr.Faisal Riaz
Real Animation Works Ltd (Interior designer London)

2. Miss.Zaheen Shah
David Archer Architects (London)

3. Miss.Gabriella Panopoulou
Yoo Interiors (London)

4. Mr.Mark I
What Architecture (London)

5. Mr.Inigo Garate
Foster and Partners (London)

6. Anton Kinyua
Real Animation works ltd  (London)

7.Melanie Tse
Interior Designer  (London)

8.Oksana Akishyna
Interior Designer - Gensler (London)

9.Dina Dahmash
Interior Designer  (London)

10.Keira Alyssa Karakas
Interior Architect  (London)

11.Ander Zulaika Azkue
Interior Architect  (London)