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Garden Design Training Course Outline

garden design courses.jpg

3DS MAX Course Outline (Students can choose between 3ds max and Sketchup)


1. Introduction
2. Basic interface and layout study
3. Basic and extended primitives
4. Basic layout setting for Architects and designers

Modeling Basic to Advanced level.
1. Edit Poly Modeling
2. Extrude
3. Chamfer
4. Cut and Slices
5. Symmetry Mirror Modeling
6. Designing a table and chair
7. Designing a full 3D house using box
8. Lines and Shapes
9. Importing a plan from AutoCAD/Vectorworks
10. Making an interior space
11. Doors and Windows
12. AEC extended
13. Railing and Trees
14. Stairs 

Advanced Modifiers
1. Compound objects
a. Connect
b. Scatter
c. Pro Boolean
d. Loft
e. Terrain
2. Bend
3. Taper
4. Twist
5. Stretch
6. Skew
7. FFD
8. Wave and Ripple
9. Lattice
9. Lathe

Advanced modeling
Start to Finish Project including furniture and lights.

Basic Lights
1. Omni Light
2. Spot Light
3. Direct Light
4. Light effects
5. Advanced Lighting

1. Free Camera
2. Target camera
3. Advanced Camera Animation / Path Animation

Texturing and Rendering
1. Diffuse and Bump Mapping
2. Environment and Background images
3. Rendering images
4. Vray Advance rendering and lighting

V-Ray Basic to Advanced level Course Outline


1. What is VRay and how to setup VRay
2. VRay image saving options

Global Illumination in VRay
1. Irradiance Map
2. Light Cache
3. Quasi-Monte Carlo/ Brute Force
4. Environmental Lighting

Image Sampling
2. Fixed
3. Adaptive QMC
4. Adaptive Subdivisions

VRay Lights
1. Plane Light
2. Dome Light
3. Sphere Light
4. VRay Sun
5. VRay Shadow
6. Image-based lighting HDRI
7. Object-based lighting

VRay Camera
1. Focal Length
2. Film speed
3. Shutter Speed

VRay Materials
1. Diffuse Color
2. Reflection
3. Refraction
4. Blurry Reflections

Rendering Test Scenes
5. Rendering an interior scene
6. Rendering an exterior scene


Introduction to Photoshop
Opening saving and managing multiple files

Interface Overview
Image Formats

Navigation of windows in Photoshop
Zooming in images
Panning around
Scroll Images
Rotating images

Resolution and Image Size
Image size and Resolution
Resolution Standards
Selection and editing
Selection methods
Marquee tools
Lasso Tools
Magic wand tool
Moving your selection
Crop tool

Creating text
Font type and styles
Font size

Scale and Rotate
Transforming Objects
Rotating using Freeform
Scaling using Freeform
Saving PSD
Saving a JPEG

SketchUp Course Outline

Installation and versions
1. Comparisons of Sketchup and other 3D applications

1. Interface basics
2. Workflow
3. Walking around
4. Creating Camera views
5. Shading faces and edges
6. Shadow and fog
7. Selecting and moving objects
8. Scaling and rotating
9. Manipulating faces and edges
10. 10 Advance selections

Drawing in Sketchup
1. Line tool
2. Using the line as 3d object
3. Rectangle and Circles
4. Polygon
5. Push and pull
6. Offset tool
7. Follow me
8. Text and 3d text
9. Edges and smooth modifier
10. Sections and guides

Organizing Scenes
1. Grouping
2. Exploding group
3. Hiding and Unhiding
4. Layers
5. Outlines

1. Applying materials
2. Editing materials
3. Creating materials

1. Applying styles
2. Creating styles
3. Animation

Autocad Course Outline

• Command Line
• Drawing Controls
• Units
• Workspace

• Line
• Polyline
• Circle
• Arc
• Rectangle
• Ellipse
• Spline
• Polygon
• Ray
• Hatching
• Gradient

• Measure
• Select All

• Move
• Copy
• Rotate
• Mirror
• Fillet
• Trim
• Extend
• Erase
• Offset
• Explode
• Array
• Stretch
• Break
• Polyline Edit
• Hatch Edit
• Scale (Two methods)

• Creating Layers
• Managing Layers
• Isolate/Un Isolate
• Changing Layers
• Line Type
• Line Weights

• Dimensions
• Text
• Dimension Style
• Text Style
• Leaders

• Colours
• Line weights
• Line Types
• Line Type Scaling

• Create
• Insert
• Edit
• Explode
• Export

• Insert
• Attach

• Navigate
• View
• Windows

• Model Space
• Layouts/Workspaces
• Viewports
• Layout Scaling
• Paper Setup
• What To Plot
• Plot Scale
• Plot Offset
• Plot Options

Vectorworks Course Outline

Vectorworks Interface
Opening and Filing files
Creating Objects and shapes
Applying Graphic Attributes
Modeling and Drawing
Tools and other Commands in Detail
Integration between Autocad ad Vectorworks

Creating, Modifying, and Editing
Callout text Tool
Organizing Information

Design Layers and Sheet Layers
Design Layer and Class Options
Assigning Objects to Layers and Classes
Viewports and Sheet Layers
Drawing Buildings

Setting up the Layer Heights
Drawing Walls
Creating a Roof
Creating a Model

Part 2: Vectorworks Architect
File Setup for scaling the drawing
Document Setup
Text Styles
Custom Dimension Standard
Property Line

Concept Drawings
Plan Viewport
Perspective Viewports
Creating the Walls
Creating the Roof
Developed Design Drawings
Doors and Windows

Drawing Buildings
Standard Vectorworks Doors and Windows
Windows and Door Manager
Geometry Settings

Standard Title Blocks (Drawing Border)
Drawing Labels
Notes, Keynotes, and Callouts
Working Drawings

Final project in the presence of the tutor using basics of InDesign.     

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